I have some bad news to share.

I started working out regularly and it has immensely helped me on multiple fronts. Which means that all of those people who keep plugging working out actually have a point. Dang it.

Here’s the full story: I have some mental health problems as well as some minor regular health problems. Somehow whenever I would talk about it with friends or doctors, working out kept coming up as a solution.

I remember talking to my Dad when I was about to go to the doctor to talk about my anxiety and he told me “The number one recommendation is always the impossible one, working out.” And we laughed and laughed.

Of course it’s impossible! Working out is dreadful! You purposely do actions that hurt you and make you sweat. I’ve heard men try to be cheeky and call it “sparkling” when a woman sweats, but it’s just not true. It’s straight up, stinky sweat. Who would do that to themselves on purpose??

How is it that working out is the cure all for everything anyways? Have back pain? Workout! Have anxiety? Workout! Can’t sleep? Workout! Are you stressed? Workout! Have a flesh eating disease? Workout!

Krahnicles was kind enough to make this cartoon to go along with this blog post. Where can I find this doctor???

Well, I’m not sure what came over me, but one day 3 weeks ago I had woken up “early” two days in a row (I put it in quotation marks because I had woken up at 8, which isn’t early for most people but it is for me). So the third day I decided to try to workout in the morning. I got out the yoga mat that my friend got me in high school, and I put on my yoga pants that had previously only been used for binge watching Gilmore Girls, and found a workout video.

I was not surprised at all to find that I was unable to do a slow sit up, but I was surprised to find that the rest of the day, I felt happy and energized. Like I had just had a magic potion and suddenly I had energy and was productive. I told my husband that night it was one of the best days that I’d had in a while.

So I had to see whether this was a fluke or whether working out was really the cure all that people claim for it to be. So I worked out for 2 weeks straight, and they were some of the best weeks that I’ve had in a long time. My house was clean, the laundry was done, supper was made. It was a miracle!

As a workout hater, someone who despises being sore, sweaty and healthy I am here to say that unfortunately it works. There’s no way out of it. This is the epitome of an inconvenient truth, forget global warming, we have a bigger crisis. For the foreseeable future I need to get up early and workout everyday!

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