You ever look at something and think, I could fix that.

That’s how it was when I saw my friend Jacob’s backpack. We were out hiking at some ruins that are near our house, and he was slightly struggling to get his backpack open and I saw that it was because he had lost the zipper pulls. I looked at it and thought, it must not be too difficult to make him some new ones.

Plus it was an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby. And I always want an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby.

So we go, pick out the fabric that we needed and went on our merry way.

The night before Jacob was about to go home, I remembered that I never actually made him zipper pulls. I knew it wouldn’t take long so I whipped them out at midnight. It took 20 minutes from start to finish.

After seeing the finished results, I’m tempted to replace the zipper pulls on some of my accessories because it has such a stunning finish. It makes your backpack look so much more interesting. I really love the outcome, and it’s so easy to create.

Here’s the DIY to creating your own zipper pulls:

Step 1 – Cut the Fabric

The smart way to do this would be to see how long wide the zipper hole is and then times it by three. Or you can be like me,
read that someone else made it 2 inches wide, only to find out that that it is too big and have to sew it in half again. Either way works. The length of the fabric will be as long as you want your zipper pull to be. I made mine longer so that I was able to adjust it later.

Step 2 – Sew the Fabric

Find some coordinating thread and fold your fabric in thirds. Sew along the seam with your sewing machine. Ideally you would  iron the fabric down first so that it would be easier to sew, but I just skipped that part. You’re almost there….


Step 3 – Hand Sew the Pulls Onto Your Zipper

Take your completed zipper pulls, insert them into the zipper hole and fold them over. Once they are even hand stitch a line across the pulls near the top. Ideally you would do this neatly, but mine are kind of messy. It was an awkward angle, and also midnight.

And there you have it! An easy to open backpack and pop of color 🙂

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