I write really terrible poetry. No one will be privy to things that I have written, because I know that it is terrible. This isn’t one of those things were I’m actually good at it but I’m just trying to be modest, this is one of those things that I am truly embarrassed of. I think the worst poetry written is when you are just forcing yourself to write something, even though you have no inspiration. Forced writing works for school assignments, but not for something as creative as poetry.

Creativity isn’t as easy as it looks. I’ve loved writing for a really long time, and I think that most likely I will always love it. This doesn’t mean that its always easy. People on social media make it look like they are creative all the time, that they never run out of ideas, or get writers block. As much as I would love to believe that someday I would get to a point where I could stop what I’m doing at any point and be able to write a beautiful paragraph, that isn’t the reality.

If I just sit down with my journal and try to write, it won’t work. My mind is so cluttered with other things that any attempt at being creative just comes out as trying too hard. So here is what I need to do to be in a creative mind set.

  1. Get out of my house

I like my home. It’s comfortable, but I associate it with work. My house needs cleaning, it’s where I have to work on school and my blog. It’s not just a space to relax. There are always a million things that have to get done, or should be done. So I have to leave my house to be any form of creative. I try to do it outside or in a library. I find that it clears my head and allows me to think clearly. Sometimes even just going on a drive will really help me to get away from my busy thoughts and leave some room for creative ideas.

  1. Write it out

How I Get Into A Creative Space pinterestPutting pen to paper is better than fingers to keyboard. I have to literally write things out in order to have the time to gather my thoughts as I write and truly think about what I am going to write next. Technology is great but sometimes it is better to work in the tangible world of paper than trying to type things out. You can even get into cursive if you are feeling fancy. I like to have a journal that I keep in my purse in case I ever get inspired.

  1. 3. Don’t pressure yourself

People will talk about a muse or inspiration, and I think that it’s true. Sometimes we just can’t force ourselves to be creative. We can put ourselves in the right place and we can try to be in the right mind set but it may not happen. And that’s ok. Don’t push yourself or beat yourself up about not having a creative day. It will come. Writer’s block is a real #CreativeSpace#GetOutOfTheHousething. And there are many ways to break writer’s block, but often it is important to just keep trying and don’t give up.

4. Be inspired

I think inspiration comes from different places, and its up to you to determine what inspires you. This may sound strange, but being in libraries and book stores inspire me. There are just so many books! So many people took the time to sit down and write what was on their mind. I am enamored by creating something out of nothing, and books are just ideas that someone had one day, and decided to write down and share with the world. It makes me want to do the same. What ideas are swimming around in this brain that are just waiting to be shared with the world?!?

Find your inspiration. Whether it be in nature, your favorite blanket, or anything else. Find what inspires you, and when you want to be creative, go to your inspiration. If I ever have major writer’s block, you’ll find me at the library.

Are there any tricks that work for you? What do you do to get creative?

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