In case you haven’t heard, this year I’m participating in Dressember. Dressember is a way of raising money for human trafficking by wearing a dress every single day in December. Men can participate as well by wearing a bow tie every day in December.

If you are interested in donating or getting more information about Dressember, check out my page here.

This is such a worthwhile cause, and the money raised goes toward missions to bring people out of slavery and provide them with care after they are out.

So today marks 12 days of me wearing a dress every day. Here is what I have learnt so far:

I’m going to be overdressed everywhere I go.

Maybe it’s just where I am, but people here don’t really dress up except for (maybe) church. Sundays are easy for Dressember. But any other event, it seems strange. The first day of Dressember, I went to go clean our apartment and met the carpet cleaning guy there. I show up, in my nice dress. I didn’t want to get my dress dirty, so I brought an apron along. The carpet cleaning guy was super nice, but he must’ve thought I was a little crazy. This woman (who, let’s be honest, looks like she’s in high school) shows up in a dress to clean. And then wears an apron while doing it. Yup, I guess I am a little crazy.

I can do anything in a dress!

One of Dressember’s mottos is that you can do anything in a dress. I’ve come to determine that this is true. 

This theory was really tested when we went out to go chop down a Christmas tree. We went out into the woods (not even a Christmas tree farm, the legit woods). We walked around found a tree and Husband chopped it down. When I was getting dressed in the morning, Husband asked me “Are you going to wear a dress?” to which I replied, “Of course, I just have to figure out how.” I was worried in the morning that I was going to be cold, so I wore – fleece-lined tights, yoga pants, dress, long sleeve shirt, flannel shirt, sweater and jacket.

Another example, I woke up sick the other day, and it’s not my normal routine to look fancy while I’m sick, but this time it happened.

I’m a complainer, and I need to stop.

On Day 2 I complained about wearing a dress. Day 2! What is wrong with me? Who cares if I’m overdressed? It’s not about me, it’s about something so much bigger. I’ve tried really hard not to complain since that day because I realized just how ridiculous I was being.

Fleece-lined tights are my friend.

Dressember would be much more difficult without fleece lined tights. I was very worried about being cold all the time, but that hasn’t been much of an issue (yet). Part of that is because the first week of December, really wasn’t all that cold. The other part is that fleece lined tights are amazing. They are incredibly comfortable and they are warm. I almost want to wear them every day, for the rest of winter. They would have been a game changer if I still lived in Canada, I would wear these under my jeans all the time.

It’s really easy to get dressed in the morning when you have limited options.

Well, I know that I’m either going to wear fleece-lined tights or leggings. So there are 2 options. It’s pretty much whichever I can find first. After that, I have like 6 dresses to choose from! Maybe more, I’m not sure. I haven’t counted. But really, there is no trying to match, or anything complicated like that. Easy peasy.

I can’t wear a dress and have messy hair. It does not work.

Does that stop me from trying? Nope! I have a problem. I don’t want to do my hair. There’s been a lot of ponytails lately.

Some dresses were only meant to be worn for a few hours, not all day long.

I have dresses I’ve only worn at church, and I never thought I would have a problem wearing them all day long! But there are some that just rub me the wrong way… literally. Dressmakers! Make your dresses pretty and comfortable! Is that too much to ask?!?

I suck at taking pictures every day

My friend who introduced me to Dressember took a picture every day last year to show her dress and raise awareness. And I thought “Well, I probably won’t do it every day, but maybe every other day I’ll take a pic and post it.” Do you know how many pictures I’ve taken? One. And it was to show my Mother In Law the dress that she bought me, it wasn’t even to post on social media. I really really need to get better at this.

It’s all worth it.

I follow Dressember on Facebook (link here) and there are a bunch of stories about human trafficking and modern slavery. It’s honestly heartbreaking. Sometimes its hard to read the stories knowing that this is going on, every day. The small sacrifice of wearing a dress is so worth it for the opportunity to raise money to make real change in the lives of people.

Once again, if you want to donate, you can find my page here. My goal is to raise $350 by the end of December. I totally believe that we can do this!

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