So here’s the deal, we bought a house (if you missed the memo, I wrote about it here).

Said house has a wood burning stove. Which is awesome. So excited about it.

The wood burning stove posed a problem: we need wood to burn in the stove.

I told my friend that we needed to buy some wood and he told me, “You don’t buy wood, you just cut it down.”

I mean, in my head I knew that people cut down wood. Like lumberjacks… they exist.

But me?! I’m no lumberjack. I have the scrawniest arms you’ve ever seen. I can’t lift wood, let alone cut the trees down!

Here’s the proof that we wore flannel. Also, on manly days I don’t wear makeup.

Nevertheless, Husband and I went out with our friends to go cut wood. Like real men. I made sure that Husband and I wore flannel because we have to be legit. We may be fakers, but we are legit fakers.

So we drive down these CRAZY roads, out to the middle. of. no. where. There is nothing around, but us and the woods.

So our friends are chopping wood, and we load it back onto the truck. It’s good, it’s chill. We’re doing it, we’re wood haulers.

Despite my scrawny arms, I ask to use a chainsaw. I’ve never done it before, so I assume that it will be a huge disaster and I’ll be terrible at it, but at least I’ll be able to say that I used a chainsaw. I wait for my turn and my friend gets a tree set up for me. Then I use the chainsaw and…


I felt so empowered. Like I used a piece of machinery and took a tree and made it into wood. Wood that can burn.

I was pumped. I was jumping up and down, yelling in the woods about how manly this was and how excited I was to chop trees and load them into trucks and BE MANLY. I was probably super annoying.

I took every chance I got the use to chainsaw. Other people would be using it and I would go stand by them until they asked if I wanted to use it. Once again, super annoying. But other people had used the chainsaw before and I wasn’t sure that if I would ever have an opportunity to use it again. I hope that I do. I’m seriously considering becoming a lumberjack. How do I become one? I have specific needs like I can’t haul the wood and I only want to operate the chainsaw. And it can’t be cold when I’m cutting wood.

A low note on the trip was that I ripped my pants. Straight up. I sat on the 4 wheeler while others were chopping the wood. There was a hook that was sticking out and I sat right on it, and when I slid off the hook caught on my pants and ripped it. Total embarrassment. Husband and my friend convinced me it wasn’t noticeable. I’m using this as an excuse to buy new pants.

So that is my manliest day ever. Full of wood, a chainsaw, trucks, ripped pants, sawdust and flannel. It’s difficult to get much more manly than that.

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