I have a chronic problem: I want to be good at everything…. without having to try.

The first part seems fair, doesn’t everyone want to be good at everything?

It’s the without trying part that gets me. I want to be good at it all. Nevermind that people spend massive amounts of time practising and perfecting their craft, I want to be good at it immediately!

As you can imagine, this has gotten me really far in life.

  • I have a ukelele that I know about 4 chords for.
  • I have 20 pounds of alpaca fur that I was going to spin into yarn, that I bought a year ago. None of which has magically turned into yarn.
  • I have a shoebox full of every kind of makeup imaginable, I know how to use none of it.

The list goes on.


I had a dream, a few years ago, that I wanted to start a blog. I knew it was crazy and it sounded crazy, and maybe that most people wouldn’t understand or get why I was doing it. I would tell myself that I was crazy, put down the dream for a few months, and then pick it back up again. I created 3 or 4 different business plans and so many different blog ideas. I repeated the cycle over and over again.

While I was doing my school last semester, I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of having a blog. I loved it. I would research how to make graphics, look at other blogs for inspiration, and scour Pinterest for any advice anyone had ever written about having a blog.

I created a very embarrassing PowerPoint to present to my Husband. Starting a blog isn’t expensive by any means, but I wanted to show him that I was going to be committed, that this was different than the ukelele. I had put a lot of time into researching what it took to run a blog, and I really wanted to do it. I titled my PowerPoint “Investor Relations,” so it sounded legit. I hooked up my computer to the TV and made my presentation. I was so nervous the entire time, which is ridiculous looking back on it now. He totally supported me and even helped me pick out the name for this blog.

So, this summer, I spent a significant portion of my time working on designing, naming and creating this blog. I loved doing it and I’m so happy to finally have one.

As soon as I had created the blog, Husband wanted to share it on Facebook.

I said no. It wasn’t ready. I wanted my blog to be good before people saw it. I wanted it to be established.

I showed the blog to my parents and my Mom wanted to share it on Facebook.

Once again I said no.

I don’t know if anyone really understood why I was refusing to put my blog on Facebook. I wanted to be a super successful blogger, and have it so that by the time that I showed my blog to the world everyone would be impressed and no one could say that I’m crazy.

Truth is, I’m probably a little crazy.

I thoroughly enjoy having this blog, but I know that it’s far from perfect. Sometimes my post will be boring or be totally obvious, but I’m learning. I haven’t had this blog for that long and most of the people who are really successful bloggers have been doing it for a long time.

I can’t be good at things without trying. I’m learning it takes practice and patience to truly become good. I’m also learning I need to be willing to share even if it isn’t perfect.

So here it is world! I started a blog. I hope you like it.

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