Sometimes, it’s nice to just have a date night in. Husband and I don’t have any kids right now, so we can stay inside and it still feels like a date. Having a game night just the two of us or with a few friends is a really great way to have some cheap fun. We are constantly on the search for games that just the two of us can play since we love having game nights. Here are a few of our favourite date night games.

  1. Canasta

We are OBSESSED! I know this game has a bad wrap of being for old people, but I am here to tell you that is straight up wrong! We play this game for hours because we just never get bored of it. It is flipping addicting. I cannot recommend it enough.

These cards are super great because they have the point value on them, and it is easy to identify which is the bonus card and what not. I’ve played with other cards where I just had to know that threes were a bonus, or whatever, and this set is just way superior.

  1. Five Crowns

This is another one that is great fun. It’s really fun to go out before your spouse and watch them scramble trying to put something together. When we finally have had enough Canasta, we usually go to Five Crowns.

3. Ticket to Ride

I love that you can play this game with two people, but I will admit that it is better with more people. However, when it’s just the two of us we still have a blast. We have played this game so many times we almost have the routes memorized. It’s not a long game but its quite a bit of fun. The added bonus of this game is that it helps with geography. When I moved to the States, I had to look all over for the different places to build my routes, but now I have a general idea of where the big cities are in America.

  1. Rummikub

#DateNight#AllTheGames#SomeTimesIGetCompetitive#ButItsStillFunThis is my Grandma’s favourite game, so I always think of her when we play it. It’s addictive yet oh so simple to play. You basically create runs or three/four of a kind, and all of the players build off of each other. It’s really fun once you start moving the board around. Highly recommend! This one would even be good to play with kids. I remember playing this game when I was pretty little and I’ve always enjoyed it.

There you have it! Those are our favourite games to play on date night. We get some fancy cheese and crackers and just enjoy spending time with each other. What are your favourite games to play? What do you do for a date night in?

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