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New Mexico has many wonderful aspects that I love. But when you move from California, a whole state devoted to recycling and being green, it seems strange to throw a water bottle in the trash.

It was so apparent when we moved. People here just do not put the same priority on recycling and being green. And that’s ok! But for me, I still want to make it a priority. It’s so easy to make it a priority when everyone around you puts such a high importance on it, but when they don’t, you have to motivate yourself. So here are the things that I do in order to still be green.

#WeBeGroceryShoppin#MyBagsAreBetterThanYourBagsUse Reusable Shopping Bags

Every time I go grocery shopping, I meal plan, write out a list, and grab my reusable bags. I’ve made it a habit to grab those bags so that I don’t have a huge pile of plastic grocery bags just sitting in a closet.

[Full Disclosure: I often forget to bring my bags when I’m going to Target or the mall, and I still have a big bag stuffed with smaller plastic bags. I’m in the process of trying to decide if I want to recycle them or make them into plarn.]

Find New Ways to Use Old Things

Instead of throwing things away, I try to find ways upcycle or recycle items. For example, I don’t want to just throw away glass bottles, so I’ve been hoarding them for a craft day. I’ve had my eye on a bottle cutter for a long time, and I want to try to make candles, or make them into glasses, or something!

I’ve also got a pile of jeans sitting in my room that I’ve been waiting to make into denim yarn. I’m going to cut the jeans into strips and make it into a mat or something to that extent. I’m not quite sure what it will be yet, but I know for sure that I’m not throwing them in the trash.

How to be Green in a Place That Isn't PinterestTake Clothes to the Thrift Store

This may seem simple, but I always take my clothes to a thrift store. It doesn’t feel right to put perfectly good clothes or other used items in the garbage when others can still enjoy them!

To me, it seems like a no brainer for us to take our clothes or used household items to the Thrift Store so that we can support them and get rid of all the junk that’s in our house!

Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Those stinkin water bottles. People have them everywhere!

Over a year ago I bought a water bottle and I fill it up and bring it with me everywhere I go. I haven’t bought those plastic water bottles since. I also bring it with me when I’m in the living room watching TV or in my office, so that I don’t have to have a new glass of water that I wash all the time (which also saves water!). It also helps me to drink more water because I always have it available to me. This helps me to drink more water and easily keep track of how much water I am drinking each day.

What do you do to be green? Is where you live focused on being green?

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